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oil derrick

Illustration by tmz99

Cody M. Winters – President

Mr. Winters is the Founder and President of Southlake Resources Group. Mr. Winters is an accomplished oil and gas businessman with considerable experience matching high quality operators and sophisticated investors. Since 2004 Cody has been known for creating unique business opportunities that strategically manage risk and provide economic benefits for both operator and investor.

Mr. Winters earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami (FL) and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma. Prior to launching his oil and gas career Mr. Winters worked in Corporate Finance for Agilent Technologies where he was responsible for the financial analysis of capital projects and strategic planning reporting to the CFO. Ultimately his Oklahoma roots and desire to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather lead him to enter the Oil & Gas industry.

During his 12 years in oil and gas, Cody learned the business from the ground up, from prospect analysis to negotiation and funding. He eventually gravitated primarily to financing a wide variety of well projects and has been involved in analyzing, acquiring and funding over 100 prospects and has successfully financed oil and gas drilling programs in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas and Utah.

Cody has been married to his wife Jennifer for 5 years and together they have two wonderful children: Jack, 3 and Finley, 8 months. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, watching Oklahoma Sooner football, hunting, working out and training Brazilian jiu-jitsu.