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By partnering with some of the top operators in each region we are able to choose superior prospects for both ourselves and our joint venture partners. Each development prospect is evaluated on the basis of their oil and natural gas production potential, the predictability of their drilling and completion costs and their access to market such as being readily available to pipeline hookups, among other criteria.oil sunset

Perhaps the most critical stage in ensuring a sound acquisition is rigorously examining all attributes of a property. Key screening criteria in determining a property’s oil and natural gas producing potential are:

  • Production history
  • Life expectancy
  • Level of diversification
  • Growth potential
  • Operations

Typically SRG will focus on properties containing:

  • Primarily oil production
  • Multiple pay zones
  • Good surrounding geological information
  • Multiple return on investment potential

In order to thoroughly analyze all of these factors, SRG practices a standard evaluation method to ensure it includes prospects of the highest quality for its investor partners.